Human construction traces on Tinian landscape

Tinos. One of the Cyclades islands located between Mykonos , Andros and Delos, has unique traditions in many art forms. Many of its 50 and more small villages illustrate a variety of artistic elements that have evolved over millennia.

During the experience we offer : 1) Handouts with information about the history and architectural features special to traditional settlements. 2) A guided tour on the village of Isternia or on other villages according to participants request.

3) learn about the history of the island, focusing on the characteristics of traditional villages by observing and sketching architectural and artistic elements.

Sketching outdoor spaces

4) Visit some traditional houses , meet the owners and sketch detailed interior designs.
Discussion of the general structure of the dwellings and their architectural details.
The day ends with a gathering of all participants for discussion and review of the architectural designs. All participants sketches will be used to illustrate how current architectural elements are based on traditional designs.

Plan of a tipical Tinian House.

Terms of participation :

– Age 12 +

– Proficiency in sketching is not required.

– Before the workshop, record your body dimensions. All these measures will be signed on the document that you find down here. These measures will be used from the participants as a “Modulor” for measuring with interior and exterior spaces that we are going to visit.

Body dimensions – “Modulor” document

Please Download diagram, print and record your dimensions from a to g.

How to arrive in Tinos ?
By Ferry : There are ferries to Tinos from both ports of Piraeus and Rafina, the two largest ports in Attica:



By Air : An alternative solution are daily flights from Athens to Mykonos and then by ferry to Tinos : https://en.aegeanair.com/

Links about Tinos :