“Chora” settlement and some architectural details on Skyros.

Skyros is the southern most and biggest of the Sporades islands. Located in the middle of the Aegean sea it is isolated and the unique charateristics of Skyros architecture are due to its geographic location.

Everyday life in the island is simple, but the cultural and historical richness make Skyros and the main town, called Chora, an interesting place to visit and appreciate the Aegean architectural heritage.

Chora , Skyros with houses clustered around the Castle.

Detailed schedule :

Day 1: Guided tour of the traditional settlement of Chora . Handouts with information about the history, traditions and architectural features of the island.
Explore the history of the island, focusing on areas and points of particular architectural interest for sketching. Stops for recording “on site” through sketches or analytical drawing.

Rooftops of Chora of Skyros.

Day 2: Visit some traditional houses , meet the owners and sketch detailed interior designs.
Discussion of the general structure of the dwellings and their architectural details.
The day ends with a gathering of all participants at the Skyros Folklore museum for discussion and review of the architectural designs. The day’s sketches will be used to illustrate how current architectural elements are based on traditional designs.

“Skyrian House” – Interior

Terms of participation :

– Age 18 +

– Proficiency in sketching is not required.

– Before the workshop, record your body dimensions. All these measures will be signed on the document that you find down here. These measures will be used from the participants as a “Modulor” for measuring with interior and exterior spaces that we are going to visit.

Body dimensions – “Modulor” document

Please Download diagram, print and record your dimensions from a to g.

Travel to Skyros ?

By Air : Daily flights from Athens. Please check here

By Ferry ( 1hr , 40 min ). The only ferry to Skyros leaves from the port of Kimi on the island of Evia. Please check ferries timetable here : The bus from Athens to the port of Kimi takes about 3 hours. Please check bus timetable . Taxis are available at the ports. Driving to Kimi from Athens takes about 3 hours. Make car reservations for the ferry in advance.

Links about Skyros :